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Eng Roman Rolny
Eng Robin Quitt

Our Story

Meet Robin and Roman, the dynamic duo driving innovation in our AI course.

Robin, an electrical engineer and IT whiz, specializes in all things technical. With a knack for programming, web development, and IT administration, as well as deep AI knowledge, he ensures our course stays at the forefront of modern technology. Want to stay updated on the latest news in the digital world? Learn from Robin.

Meanwhile, Roman, an engineer with a background in project management and training delivery, brings a keen business sense and digital savvy to the table. From leading digitization projects in corporate worlds to mastering social media marketing, his expertise ensures our course is both practical and forward-thinking.

Together, Roman and Robin offer a powerhouse of skills and expertise, guiding you through an immersive journey into the world of AI. Join us and unlock the limitless potential of the digital realm with our AI course.